Top Eleven Films of 2017

Paddington 2 Unbelievably, this turned out to be even better than 2014’s first instalment. Warmth and comforting charm drips like hot marmalade from every lovingly crafted detail. Hugh Grant gives an hilariously self deprecating performance and Brendan puts the “Glee” into Gleeson. A touching, but not twee, and very much needed tale of kindness, compassion […]

La La Land – One For The Dreamers

La La Land was always going to be the film for me, before the awards nods and rave reviews, I was excited, I couldn’t wait: a musical with Emma Stone, a Hollywood film about Hollywood filmmakers, Damien Chapelle’s second movie  after the crashing excellence of jazz drumming Whiplash, something would have to go seriously wrong for this film not […]