The Adjustment Bureau and fun Sci-Fi

The latest Philip K Dick adaptation, The Adjustment Bureau, was lots of fun but nothing special.

The rather silly plot involving angel types in 60’s style suits and hats changing our destinies was fine (if inevitably plot holey) and the overall look of the film was stylish but I would’ve liked a little more existential substance just to top it off… There have been lots of comparisons to films like Inception and The Bourne Trilogy but I was reminded most of A Matter of Life and Death and The Wings of Desire…

The casting of John (Roger Sterling) Slattery as one of the Angels was great apart from the fact that the outfits were so Mad Menesque it was almost too much of an in joke – and I love a Mad Men reference as much as the next person but sometimes you can be over self referential can’t you…

Anyway the film really wouldn’t have worked at all without the sparkling chemistry between the always great Matt Damon and the ever likeable Emily Blunt.

However it did get me thinking about my favourite fun Sci-Fi’s – this list has no place for 2001, Alien or Blade Runner (The definitive Philip K Dick adaptation) as they are “masterpieces” but they’re aren’t what I’d describe as fun…there will also be no Armageddon coz it’s RUBBISH……..

Jurassic Park


This would go on any fun film list. It’s one of the most enjoyable films ever (obligatory Speilbergian annoying kids aside) and it never gets boring or dated – even where you can see how far special effects have come – that T-Rex still scares the bejeezus out of me!

Plus the John Williams sound-track is fanfuckintastic, Sam Neil is cool and Jeff Goldblum is sexy.

Independence Day


If I had to pick one Alien Invasion film it would be this, by far and away Roland Emmerich best ‘I’m gonna blow up the world’ picture, when it was still freakin’ ace to see famous land marks get lasered to shit.

The central relationship between Steven Hiller and David Levinson is a brilliant ‘bromance’ before that stupid word was even invented – the mismatched Odd Couple of the 90’s. There’s also good ol’ Bill Pullman who’s a president you can root for and it’s cool to see Mary McDonnell as the First Lady before she becomes President Laura Roslin in the mighty Battlestar Gallactica. It may all be a bit gung ho but it’s so great I don’t care. Also, Jeff Goldblum is sexy.

Twelve Monkeys


Probably the darkest movie on the list and one I haven’t seen for years because I’m waiting for a decent version of it to be released on BluRay.

One of the most confusing and mind twisting time travel films I’ve ever seen, this is Terry Gilliam being slightly more mainstream than usual but still delivering his unique and inventive visual style. It needs a lot of viewings to get your head round but it’s always exciting and compelling.

Bruce Willis is at his tortured best and although it has now become cliched and obvious to say this, Brad Pitt really is great as the schizophrenic Jeffrey Goines.

Back to the Future


Now you don’t get much more fun than this do you? An 80’s classic and massively different to the previous time traveling film on the list with it’s vibrant colours and Michael J Fox being all cool.

It’s brilliantly crafted and when viewed alongside the other two in the trilogy you realise how wonderfully clever the whole thing is.



Pixar are bloody amazing aren’t they? Magical film after magical film.

Wall-E is beautiful. With stunning animation and in Wall-E and Eeeeeeeeve the most loveable screen robots ever – yeah piss off R2-D2 and C-3Po!

I love that the first 20 or so minutes of the film are without dialogue and the intro of Wall-E is so funny and moving, with all his little idiosyncrasies and habits. I think it definitely falls down in the second half on the spaceship – but there are still some glorious later moments like the dance through the air with the fire extinguisher.