Pods ‘n sods – Wittertainment & David Brent: Life on the Road


My favourite bit of the week is at about 6pm on a Friday; not just because it is time for two days of rest and play to begin but it is when I can start listening to my favourite podcast. Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review (or Wittertainment for those in the know) has been a hugely successful show on BBC Radio 5 Live for over ten years. With a nerdy fan following, funny and unfunny in-jokes, references and wittering it provides a warm fuzzy feeling of familiarity and friendship for around 1.4 million people every week and I have been a fan for roughly nine years.

Anyway, to hear my thoughts on David Brent: Life on the Road read out by Simon Mayo (23:50 in) click here.

And hello to Jason Isaacs.