Tod Haynes’ Carol


Ever since falling in love with Velvet Goldmine’s glamorous debauchery as an angst ridden teenager, I’ve followed the career of director Todd Haynes with excited interest. As Cate Blanchett said recently “he has the passion, hunger and recklessness of a student filmmaker but the master strokes of an auteur”. An auteur who has frequently been compared with […]



I was extremely impressed with Polish Director Pawel Pawlikowski’s two British films Last Resort (2000) and My Summer of Love (2004), both of which were small and intelligent dramas, and after seeing his latest work, Ida, I now think he is one of the most important contemporary film makers around.  Pawlikowski has gone back to his roots […]

Wadjda – Cycling & Cinema

I haven’t blogged for a while. Although I’ve been trying my best to keep up with the year’s new releases, my life and my priorities have changed somewhat and whilst still a nerdy, goofy film geek, I have been enjoying the other things that summer and London have to offer. Cycling! Cycling has been one […]

Les Misérables

Les Misérables

To put the following words into context, here is a previous blog I wrote on screen musicals. So I love musicals and I love the West End show of Les Mis but it’s not my favourite and I’m not like, hardcore, I’m about a six or seven on the Les Misercrazy scale. One being complete and utter disgust/indifference […]

Moonrise Kingdom and Some Words on Wes

Moonrise Kingdom

When I first saw The Royal Tenembaums back in the day. I was blown away by it’s heartfelt charm,  strange dry wit and carefully detailed style. It was my first Wes Anderson film, being of an age where I’d missed the Rushmore wave. I absolutely loved Tenembaums and it quickly became a firm favourite. I went back and […]