Top Eleven Films of 2018

Leave No Trace A beautifully realised drama, directed by Debra Granik, that tells the moving story of a father and daughter living on the fringes of society with profound insight and an uplifting sense of human kindness. Phantom Thread Paul Thomas Anderson’s darkly comic gothic tale featured sublime performances from all involved, another magnificent score […]

Isle of Dogs

Following on from 2014’s The Grand Budapest Hotel; arguably Wes Anderson’s best and most empathetic film to date with its delightful mix of pathos, humour and likeable characters, his latest project feels dissapointingly flat and somewhat lifeless. Set in a fictional version of  Japan, where all dogs have been exiled to Trash Island, this is the story […]

La La Land – One For The Dreamers

La La Land was always going to be the film for me, before the awards nods and rave reviews, I was excited, I couldn’t wait: a musical with Emma Stone, a Hollywood film about Hollywood filmmakers, Damien Chapelle’s second movie  after the crashing excellence of jazz drumming Whiplash, something would have to go seriously wrong for this film not […]

Cinema Travels – Getting My Filmic Fill

One of my favourite things to do when I’m travelling or on holiday is to go to the cinema, which isnt terribly surprising given that films are my main bag. Yet many of my friends and peers (including cineastic ones) see this as a waste of time, ‘why go to the cinema when you’re on […]


The more I think about this offbeat Icelandic black comedy from director Grimur Hákonarson, the more I appreciate the simplicity of its greatness. Rams is the the story of Gummi and Kiddi, two bearded brothers, who haven’t spoken to each other for 40 years for reasons unknown. Despite their sad estrangement, they remain neighbours on the […]