The Simpsons and Cinema

Really enjoyed writing this piece recently for the Bfi on the best Simpsons film homages!

Top Ten Films of 2016

Ethel & Earnest A completley wonderful adaptation of Raymond Briggs’ graphic novel about the lives of his parents. His beautiful illustrations are brought to life with tender care as we are taken through British life from the 1920s to the 1970s by his warm and, in his words “unremarkable” parents. Through this quiet, simple peek through […]

Zombies and The Dead or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Horror

It’s Halloween! A time for ghouls and gasps and shrieks in the night. For Freddie and Jason and Chuckie and Clowns! As a curious cineaste and nerdy film geek and graduate, I should be able to consume (like a peckish zombie feasting on some entrails) all of cinema, not just the easy, feel-good fare of Some Like it […]

My Favourite Films of 2016 so far… (Jan to June)

Well well well, 2016 eh? It’s been a bit bloody ludicrous hasn’t it? Personally, professionally, nationally, globally, politically, artistically…from Bowie to Brexit, it’s been, well, bollocks. This year has been an unpredictable shit storm of nastiness, so thank goodness that the world of cinema keeps on turning and only occasionally turding – *Cough* AB FAB […]

80s cult classic or nostalgic nonsense? – PART TWO

Following my last post back in March, I’m in the midst of watching a selection of 1980s cult films that have, up to this point, passed me by. Well, I haven’t managed to tick off as many as I’d hoped yet but here’s an update so far… Predator (1988) In my ignorance I didn’t know that Predator […]